Yesterday was just a pleasure and a joy.  Only my youngest was here but I heard from everyone else..and that’s what counts too.  That my youngest chose to spend the entire afternoon here was a pleasure for me.  We had lunch out, but we also went to Home Depot and got 4 new fluorescent bulbs for the kitchen light fixture which had gasped its last.  He changed that out for me, as even standing on my step stool I can’t reach it and even if I could, I’d kill myself trying to re-attach the very large cover.  I am such a shrimp.  Then, he was good enough to go out back and help me get a retractable clothes line attached both to the deck leg and the  eye bolt was attached to the nearest tree.  I don’t need much line..just for the occasional sheet and pillow cases thing or some shirts. Mission accomplished.  Then, we went in and took some pictures out of the spare room window of my birds.  I spent a minute explaining to the neighbor across the street not to think I was photographing them and invited her to look at what I had on the memory stick if she liked.  She believes me.  .  Then, we downloaded some music (I paid of course) from iTunes.  I was in a SuperTramp mood and so I got two of their best.  Then, he went over the computer to see what needed adjusting or tweaking..and then, he left with me behind him so I could go to the grocery.   I needed sunflower hearts actually for my birds.
I got 3/4ths of a dose down Her Majesty’s gullet via the tuna juice ploy yesterday and about that much again today.  I suppose it’s better than nothing but I want all she is supposed to have in her.
The yard is in desperate need of a mow.  My hired boy is swamped as his job has picked up and he has overtime so..that leaves him late mowing.  I may have to try to find someone else.  I don’t even have a mower and if you were here, you would understand why I can’t mow this yard.  It’s all on hills, slanted or less slanted.  I have one small flat part in front. Emphasis on small area.
Thank you for the comments on the rose I put in last night.  I thought it was so pretty with its glowing a small setting sun.  I always and ever hope to please.
One more Mother’s day quote:
A Mother’s love endures through all; in good repute, in bad repute, in the face of the world’s condemnation, a mother still loves on.
Washington Irving