The sun is out!  YES!!!!  NO rain!  Only for today though..the usual rain and showers is forecast for the following 7 days after today.  My mower did get here last night and got the yards mowed.  SOOOO much better out there.

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I went to the bookstore, looked around a long time and decided on one book.  I started toward the checkout when I decided to do what I never do.  I went to the coffee area and ordered a cappuccino with skim milk of course, and  I had a cherry chocolate chip cookie.  That cookie was delicious and so greasy that it wet the napkin I had to hold it with to keep my hands clean for page turning.  That was a thoroughly enjoyable time and something I have done three times in recent memory.  I am very used to being always on the go, and very quick of movement and I don’t relax easily.  As a matter of fact, when I go to bed and Miss Catt is not being a Sphinx on my chest..I lay there stiff as a board ( as always..I am just not a relaxed person) and I have to try to force myself to loosen my muscles on at a time. Once I can stop layin’ there as though I expected a bomb or something to drop from the ceiling..I fall asleep.  So, since sitting and relaxing and drinking a cup of excellent coffee is totally unlike me..I had a great time doing it. Headed to several other places later and enjoyed those just as much.  It’s not like me to meander or poke around aimlessly.   I just happened to remember a loudly spoken complaint on the midnight shift by my co-worker who was just assigned to me.  I pop up and down constantly.  Always have, always will.  Wayne, after the first hour or so of 14 said " What the *#@% are you?  A $#@* jack in the box or something?"  I assured him I was trying out for that and fully expected to mke the cut.  He got used to it.  He had no choice.

Got yet another 3/4ths dose into Miss Catt last evening.  It’s going to be a little bit expensive having to buy cans and cans of tuna to get her to take that medicine.  I can’t eat that much tuna every day or I should say 3, 4 times a week.  Too much mercury and besides, enough is enough so I will have to waste it I guess so I can get the juices. I am amazed that there isn’t a tuna juice-like thing in a pet food area as it is used by so many to get medicine down the cat or as a treat to the cat.

The youngest is going to buy my kit lens, the 18-55 mm which I won’t use anymore, and I am setting that money aside to go toward the macro I want so much.

I have a disturbing number of House Finches with conjunctivitis.  Their eyes get crusted over and eventually they are unable to see so as to feed and they starve to death.  I got out the spare feeder and I have soaked it n Clorox water to disinfect it so that I can do my part against the spread of the disease.  It is extremely sad to me to see that. 

Meanwhile, I was going to delete this picture as it isn’t good, but I thought I would show you the outside janitor under the feeder.  It’s mowed now so he will have it easier

PS Does anyone know if my day lilies will survive the boy mowing over their 7 inch little selves???  They are 3 inches tall now.