Several of you commented that I must have good eyes (I wish) to see the Finch’s eyes.  What happened was easily explained.  I took some pictures from the bedroom window of the feeder with its occupants.  They were mostly female House Finches at the time.  As I went through them on the computer I was deleting as I went as they were all badly taken. struck my eye as something being wrong.  I cropped and got as close as I could and saw disturbing encrustation on her eyes.  I mentioned this to my photographer-as-a-hobby son and he told me the disease.  Here is a bad picture that I hadn’t deleted yet. It will serve as an indicator for you as to what I meant and I will include a link I hope all of you who feed birds will go there and learn. 
Again, this is a bad and fuzzy picture which I will delete, but it served a purpose and made me aware of a severe problem in the bird population.
Miss Catt said thank you so much for well wishes toward her and she assures her constituency that this in no way affects her ability to serve as President and Premier.  She also said to tell you that she takes 5 cc’s of a  chicken flavored liquid suspension for medicine.  I can’t mix it into food because that way, I have no assurance that she ingested much if any, OR know how much is left over  Better to use another liquid.  She only got half a dose last night.  I may have to opt for the Iodine 131 treatment which means a stay in the hospital…the University Veterinary Hospital.  That’ll be hard on her, me and my pocketbook.
Anyone know why, no matter how straight the filter is in the coffee pot (drip) and how well placed the coffee is IN the filter, why the filter is always ALWAYS crumpled down in the brewing of the coffee and many grounds in my cup.  I have run out of things to do to prevent that.
The right one went home on Dancing last night.  And for once to my opinion, Shawn really did great with her Tango.  AND I like Mayo as a new pro but his personality will keep him from winning the contest.