Come on..let’s get on the treadmill and make it count!!  Then, after that, the usual thing is go out and dazzle someone.  I haven’t thought much past that right now but at least I’ll know what to do if I catch one.    I had SUCH a great hair day yesterday.  Oooh la laaaa!  And I made the most of it that I could. 

It’s nice to be able to open the front door so her Majesty can look out at her TV show..birds and animals.  It’s 63 right now, warmer of course in the house and it will warm up nicely today even tho it will be cloudy so she gets to watch as much as she wants. Tonight she will try adding the meds to her food again.  Can’t do any worse than we have been doing these past 2 evenings.  The door is open now and as soon as the treadmill starts she will retire to her bed chamber for a nap to get over the strain of eating breakfast.  Noises per se don’t bother her.  I always carried them as kittens when I did the vacuuming so that means nothing to them.  She just knows I will not be able to fetch and carry for her while I am up there on the ‘mill.

The past several days while driving I have noticed in on-coming vehicles  hand placement on the steering wheel.  I wrote about that in here before.  It seems that I am the last American in the Country to us the hand placement that puts the left hand about 9 o’clock and the right hand about 3 o’clock.  I saw so many with BOTH hands close together at the top of the steering wheel.  Seems to me that would be a strain as both men and women were straight armed in order to do that.  I saw almost as many driving one handed, with that hand at the top of the steering wheel.  I guess it’s all in what you get used to.  I would not like the straight- out arm placement.  Fatiguing I would think and I would also imagine that control would be an issue if things got into an unexpected situation.  I must be wrong though.  They would have stopped straight arming and also using one hand, if I was correct in my assumption.  Oh well. I’ll do my old fashioned thing and be commented on in their blogs.  "I saw one lone woman in the whole of the  USA with both hands on the steering wheel in the old fashioned hand placement!  How wierd is THAT!"

Meanwhile, you know I am stalling.  I have to get up there and get going so I can clean up afterward..go out with a fresh glowing complexion (true..sweating and exertion do that for you) and scoop up all the admirers I see.  Come with?