Tonight, he had oven fried chicken…good I reckon!  And yellow rice
and some peas and carrots.  AND for dessert, chocolate cherry ice cream
with real black cherries in it and very generously at that AND many
chocolate chips.  I need a wheel barrow to carry my belly!  So does
he.  You already know what he’s having in the morning…hash browns,
eggs, biscuits, bacon and coffee.  Nummy in the tummy. egg and 2 pieces of toast.

I told you about the passport and Per Diem papers, International D.L and so on being left at a restaurant but I had a horrible thing three years ago happen right here.  I had headed out to the ATM to get some money on my usual act first day off. When I got there I was unable to find my leather little credit card case.  Long story short, I tore the car up over to the side and went home to do it again.  I searched everywhere name it.  Men friends went thru the car with a fine tooth comb even as I had in an attempt to find it.  I went to the bank and canceled my 2 cards with them..called Equifax and asked for a fraud alert with the three credit bureaus..called the other credit card company and canceled that card too.  Ship shape in Bristol fashion as far as notifications were concerned.  I had to go to the SS office and get a new SS card too because it happens I needed the card for a certain aspect of my job and had not yet taken it back out.  Went thru old pocket books and repeated the whole thing all over again in a vain attempt to find it.  Fast forwarding to a year later, maybe a yearand a half, I was at my son’s place and  glanced in the back seat where many people in my carpool and my family too have ridden, and the car has been cleaned multiple times up to that point by professionals..etc etc etc and what was lying on the back seat?  My brown leather credit card case.  A year and a half later.  How in the world did that happen?  That is a mystery that will never ever be solved.

The car had been thoroughly searched by many.  Thoroughly detailed numerous times by the car cleaning crew…searched by my guys..a year and a half gone by and there it was..lying in between the two seats as big as you please.  I recovered the original SS card and locked it up with the new one.  Shredded the old credit cards and thanked goodness I didn’t have to worry about my SS info out there any more.  How it escaped my pocket book and stayed out of sight to show up in the middle of 2 back seats is a time space anomaly.  And this is true by the way.  No exaggeration.

That picture is my personal bird seed stealing squirrel this morning.