And tonight, he has the left over chicken from last night for sandwiches.  There is enough for two man sized sandwiches there!  I treat my men well at the supper table if I can.  That chocolate cherry ice cream is Mayfield’s newest,  They put, I think it was 6 new favors out- and obviously they are on store shelves now.   Real black cherries and generous good sized chocolate chips in cherry flavored ice cream. I almost feel like saying "In your grocers dairy case now!"

We had a gully washer of a storm last night on the way home and supposed to have another tonight.  I-AM-SO-OVER-THE-INCESSANT-RAIN!  STOP!  This is too close to three weeks with every day rain except 4. 

I like my bird feeder which is supposed to be squirrel proof and seems to be these past several years,  I have it set so that when a squirrel climbs up and jumps onto it, his weight closes all of the feeding ports.  Only a bird’s weight will allow them to stay open.  Any heavier animal for shuts down.   I watched a squirrel try again and again.  The feeder closed.  Get a clue doofus!!! It’s those copper leaves ( see picture)  on the sides that close when weight is on the feeder.  Worth buying.