I went to the Veterinary hospital yesterday with a list of questions.  I made an appointment and said it may as well be a paid one so I could take the time I needed to get info and see what might be done.  He said he would give me all the time I needed always.  I don’t think there will be a charge after all. BUT if there is, I contracted for that.

She has barely been taking her medicine no matter what I do,  If anyone reads her blog, she has been chronicling my effort and her spurning my efforts..all of them. So, we are soon going to the trans-dermal I spoke of that supposedly only takes a few seconds to apply onto the inner ear flap.  I hope that will be ready for pick up today.  But she has asked me to assure her constituency that she has been tending to business as usual..taking care of affairs of State and Country..all of them with one whisker tied behind her back, she said it’s that routine and easy so no need to elect anyone else.  She said "I’m on it!"

Seriously speaking, her doctor feels we caught this in time as she has not lost but a few ounces and she is still active and doing well otherwise.  Just we need to get the T4 levels under control so that the strain that is on her heart with her too rapid a heartbeat (220 bpm) will be eased and so the resultant strain on her kidneys will disappear. The sooner the better.

Sorry if this is TMI or boring.  Just a few of the blog family asked after her and I so appreciated that.  Thank you so much.  Our pets mean so much to us and we all try hard to give them the care we pledged to give them when we "signed on" by adopting them. It is a responsibility and a loving one whether they be dogs, cats, lizards or bunnies.

I discovered what my 2 squirrels are doing!  This info is thanks to my boy who observed the same at his identical feeder in Charlotte yesterday.  They are climbing up alright, and their weight closes the ports as I mentioned a few days ago.  However, these rodentia are smart as we all know and so at my son’s feeder they were hanging upside down and using their teeth to pry up the copper leaves that closed over the feeding ports as they were supposed to when they climbed on,  up to get the seeds.  Darn..didn’t work but I went out to see the teethmarks on them and to push the little raised edges back again.  I guess I told you, squirrel!  (at least till round 2. Your money may as well be on the squirrel, folks).

See the leaf tips pried outward?  Not now.  I fixed their little wagon.