I’m taking a chance writing this because what seems to be a topic to me right now at this time may be just (as Archie Bunker might have said) a ‘ferment of my imagination’. 
However, pressing ever onward I will try to stay on topic.  I got an email from a dear male friend who was sending me a one liner response to a list of comments I forwarded to him and others regarding so-called ‘pick up’ lines in my area of the country and one other..the topic here (told ya I’m from the South..just meandering along here..not getting to the point)  That one was a list of  the ages of movie stars of yore 🙂  several examples being Sophia Loren, Ann Margaret, Dolly,  Gina Lollobrigida, Bardot..etc.  Those ladies, the entire list of them are 63 years old at the youngest ( Dolly Parton) and upward to  very late 70’s to early 80’s. Most of us have seen recent photos of these women and almost all of them are still beautifu in their way. 
We, my male friend and I were bemoaning how even they were and are subject to time’s ravages and character markings, and how we too are certainly getting older.  I made a typical (for me) female type reply about how I’m not the woman I was at 20. (Duh!!) and he made the not so unheard of response " You’re not getting older; you’re getting better".  Hence my reference in my title to seeing 2 lovers galloping toward one another.  Us moms will remember the old Clairol commercials.

Because…ever grinding on to my point. .I AM better than I was back then in many ways and so are each of you.  Appearance as well.   (No, I’m not delusional I promise) My ex husband is devoting some real time to putting our old slides onto DVD’s.  He will give me a copy of them.  I have looked at some  old pix  he sent via email just to show me where he’s at in progress and man, I have really learned how to make the best of what I have now.  I look at that young woman in almost every picture and think  "what were you THINKING with that HAIR!  The makeup!! Those glasses" Never mind the enhancement that time will give you intellectually and in maturity as well.  People really DO get better.  Clairol had it right. I was concentrating on looks in the blog what with hair, make-up, glasses, whatever you will but even as I typed that, my mind went to all the other ways we get better as we get older. 

We learn to look past superficial things and how to ‘home in’ on what’s real and what counts.  And we learn kindness, patience and compassion as we go along. 
Sorry..I rambled on.