I am extremely disappointed by the results of DWTS last night.  I hoped Gilles would win.  I AM glad that they said the votes were separated by 1% difference.    That made me feel a little better.  Shawn never got one vote from me.  She’s cuter than the proverbial button but only her Argentine Tango looked good to me. I was voting for Kim, Melissa and Gilles all the way through. Gilles at the end of course,  It was more fun seeing Mark’s reaction to winning the trophy than seeing her reaction.  He never had a chance before I don’t think.  Beats me why the other pros like Edyta, Kym etc. never seem to get partnered with anyone who isn’t a sure-fire prospect to lose. Spread the likely ones around to the other pros for pity sakes. Why should Cheryl and Julienne get all the good ones?

I am dressed of course, and ready for the treadmill.  I was going out to attack the hills around here but don’t want to "do" my face yet so I’ll stay right here.  No use scaring anyone but Miss Catt.  Hopefully her med will be in today for me to pick up.

It is the third glorious cold and sunny day.  We have way below normal temps..with a temperature here two nights ago of 38 degrees.  I had to turn the heat on again three days ago until this morning. 

I had an estimate for re-roofing this place.  Man..costs have risen dramatically since the last time in ’95.  That was a so-so job.  It occurred because we had tornadoes everywhere in the State including here and the baseball sized hail did a number on everyone’s roofs.  My car, the Camaro Z-28, escaped damage as I was on midnights and at work and the hail never hit where I work.  Whew.  However the roof needed attention.  The insurance adjuster said the roof needed replacing anyway and while it was an iffy thing that they would pay for it, he allowed it and so the job got done along with hundreds others in town.  Andnot done well as well as the least amount to do the job.  So..that’s why I am in need.  And the cost is horrible.  All the good places are.  I even had a quote as low as $1500.00.  That’s half of another quote.  I won’t take it because in this case, you get what you pay for and no one else quoted such a low ball estimate.  I need some plywood replacement I feel sure.  That too will add up.

Treadmill’s waiting..I hear it snorting!  I’d better get on it before it comes in here to get me!