Treadmill done; and the President had her ear flap anointed with the new medicine.  She doesn’t like it but I have been able to give her the proper dose for the third day in a row.  No changes in her behavior but they said there wouldn’t be for a few weeks..maybe even five or six. She’s still hugging the water bowls. We’ll get there soon.  But she moved her desk in there and so has attended to Affairs of State with NO problem whatsoever!


The past two days have been so glorious as to defy my puny description.  Dry with 28% humidity, sunny all day and into the evening, 82 was the may have seen the sky photos I did last evening in one of my albums.  Can’t get any better.  If you didn’t, here is one,  You know how I am about clouds.


I was out a good deal yesterday looking for whatever struck my eye as something to take a photo of.  Several things did but there was no where to park.  They were landscapes with mountains.  Grr.  I hate it when that happens.


I was out on the deck when I saw these celebrity Petunia ladies, so I got their picture before the paparazzi did.  I have an exclusive!  Take that National Enquirer!



Nothing to say I bid you adieu!  Click on the pictures to see the true color and not the bleed thru color from the blog background.