I haven’t blogged..just posted jokes and a picture because I have been tired.  A reason will be found in the next paragraph.  It’s Miss Catt.  She has hyperthyroidism and we are working to help her get it under control.

One thing that happens when they have this disease is they call out, meow, a lot.  They can’t help it.  They’re not feeling well.  She has been calling out all night long and no, I can’t separate us as this is a one floor home and if I tried that, I would keep her from part of her water supply network and that is something that can’t be done.  A symptom is constant drinking of water and consequently visiting the litter box just as constantly. So, we move on with her 9th day of steady treatment and may she feel improvement soon for her sake mostly but mine as well so she won’t have to tell me how badly she is feeling and I won’t feel so sad at not being able to hurry the medicine’s good effect.  That picture of her I posted yesterday was Christmas 2008.  We soldier on and eventually, maybe 5 weeks, the medicine should start to stabilize her.  She’ll be alright once she gets past this initial barrier.

My oldest sent this next URL and I thought you would enjoy the proverbial blast from the past—so I saved it for you.  Goodness, I am so glad we don’t have to deal with the beginnings any more.

Yesterday I had the kind of day that I needed..and has been missing for a week or so.  I got scooped up and squired to munch and when that and whatever was over, three and a half hours had passed.  Came home and the cat seemed more herself..another plus and I heard from several people close to me as well.  Can’t beat any of that with a stick but most of all..I needed that time earlier in the day.  For one reason or another what with business to attend and so on..plus tiredness, I have not been social.  That has happily gone back to normal.  Got my hair done too and she flat ironed it pin straight.  Different and nice but not what I want.  So..next time, we’ll talk that over.  It’s my fault..I mentioned the flat iron.

See ya soon.  I have been around to see you and even the ones who haven’t been here..so I did my thang.