We’ll put on a happy face.  I hesitated to say it till now but I believe the meds are taking hold of the President/Premier and she is some better.  The past two nights in a row she has not said a word..so I was able to sleep and so was she apparently.  And, while she is still drinking far too much, she is not camped out on the water dishes so much.  She goes to them now instead of parking next to them with her face on the rim.  And, she is running up and down the hallway even though she still won’t play nor sleep in the bed.   That will come in a few weeks.

However, this picture is what I saw late yesterday in the twilight.  She was finally back on patrol!  I took this with an aperture of 4.5 so as to capture her exactly as I was seeing her in the waning afternoon light about 1930 hrs.  Perhaps I should say early evening 🙂  Seeing her up there lounging instead of under the bed or by the water dish…soaking up the last of the faded setting sun’s rays, was a joy.  I believe there is an upturn at last.  Her eyes opened..you can’t see them well, when she heard me enter the room.  She left her calling card..sticky foot prints, on the glass top but I don’t care, that’s what they make window cleaner for 🙂


We have had a full week of rain up till this moment in time.  Eight inches of rain for the month so far.  I would be grateful to see the end of it.  The yard was mowed last Friday.  You would never know it.  It is supposed to turn sunny and dry starting Saturday.  Our pattern seems 3 weeks of rain to one week of sun, and while the water table needs replenishing because of the severity of the previous years drought..still we would like to see a break from this as would the farmers who are not able to plant their crops due to incessant rain.


I got another quote on the re-roofing that was a full thousand dollars less than the second quote.  It’s not low ball either.  It is reasonable for the smaller square footage I have here. It’s in the middle of all three quotes and I am committing to the job.  IF it quits raining, they will start Tuesday.


Thank you so much for the good wishes for her’n’me.  They are, of course, working because you meant it.  Much love to all of you from us.