This day in far away Germany, I gave birth to my first born.  It was cold in the delivery room and the windows were all open to the very bracing air outside.  I remember looking up and noticing the windows in between all the other things that were happening both around me and to me.  May 29th, with  barely any leaf buds on the trees yet and chilly.  However, soon I had a newly unfurled baby "leaf" in my arms that we named Erich; so after my glance at the opened windows in the delivery room, I had eyes only for my firstborn. 



You already know, those of you who have been my friends through the years how I feel about being a Mom and how I love each of my children.  That May 29th was the beginning of my real life and purpose on the earth. I felt that way then and I still do.  What a privilege and honor.


Today as with each birthday he has a made from scratch cake with homemade chocolate cream frosting.  Usually the birthday son got to clean out the frosting bowl but as he was in The Big City 🙂 at work, I did the honors for him.   He’ll be here later this evening and we will celebrate.  We’ll try not to have a quarter of the cake apiece.  🙂 The youngest son and I are taking him to supper as part of the celebration.


That is his passport photo I have inserted here.  He was a whopping nineteen days old.  We had so many Countries to go to and everyone needed a passport, even infants. 


I’ll be around to see you soon.  I have to get myself ready for the day first.  xoxoxo