We all went to a more upper scale Italian restaurant last evening after everyone’s work.  Good, I reckon.  You shoulda been there.  The Birthday Boy had a Margarita pizza.  That’s not how you spell it.  It had an H in there somewhere but it was made on a wood fired grill or something.  The meal I had also came from their wood fired grill.  It’s different tasting and that is to the better.  I enjoyed it.  The youngest had a steak with veggies.  I had chicken with veggies and we all had salad and you know I don’t like salad.  However I ate it.  theirs looked delicious..and they chose creamy parmesan cheese dressing.  I had Italian vinaigrette and actually ate some of the salad.  Everything was swimming in mushhates.  We all of us hate those things.  There were piles of mushhates on each of our plates.  Enough to be a meal for someone who likes the horrid things.

 Youngest invited us in at his place afterward and we all sat for the Nikon D300 to take plenty o’ pictures.  Youngest gave his card and present and then we came back here where he got his blueberry themed presents before the other two.  He loves blueberries so he got a horribly expensive jar of Maine blueberry preserves,   That stuff was close to 5 dollars!!! Gees marie!!  There was also a package of blueberry cookies..another 5 spot gone.  A can of blueberry pie filling at 4 more dollars rounded up!  Thanks to Trader Joe’s in Charlotte, a bottle of blueberry sparkling water, some blueberry pop tarts.  His blue berry theme was about 25 dollars but it was worth it to give him something different that he would enjoy.  I said all that about cost because I am still in shock at the prices on the grocers shelves.  You would think I would get over it by now.  Then, he got his big present, the gift card and a baseball hat that I won on eBay from his University.  Then, we cut that cake and oh my oh my.  If I say so myself (no one else will) that was a cake among cakes.  I outdid myself.  Moist, deeply so, and almost creamy in texture.  That came from the 3 eggs in it I would say.  The frosting..hold me back!  Deep dark rich creamy chocolate cream.  There was a stick of butter in it, milk, dark cocoa and of course, vanilla and confectioners sugar.   We were foundered.  But because of the meal at that restaurant (I wish I could remember its name) we were too full to additionally stuff ourselves.

 Miss Catt was brutal this morning.  Brutal.  I didn’t get to bed till 0000 hrs.  I didn’t turn out the light till 0030 and she did come in..first time in weeks to sleep with me for awhile.  That is a sure sign she is better.  Anyway, trapped on my back with a cat on my shoulder..I dozed with the light on till I gave up and turned it off.  Usually that gets her up and gone.  She stayed.  However..she left whenever time it was and returned full blast with her wake-up call at 0600.  Persistent too.  SIGH!  So I got up after half an hour of her meowing with her mouth closed thereby muting the sound some, and headed in to feed that thing and…ta dah, I made myself the best of all breakfasts.  A piece of birthday cake.  The sound of it hitting the plate was so heavy sounding it made us both smile last night.  It’s because it’s so moist.  Law me, what a breakfast. 

 He’s going back after awhile..I have a piece of cake..very generously sized, for the youngest which I will drop by later today in the Big City.  Birthday boy got a cake at work yesterday by his boss and co-workers so he will not be lacking in cake.  Plus he gets to take the rest of this back with him. 

 It is the beautiful day at last that they promised on the forecasts.  Sunny, cloudless.  We deserve it after all this rain. A good 10 inches at least so far this month.

Here’s something you may enjoy.  I sure did.  Remember BBS’s and 300 baud rates?