I wanted to take advantage of the cooler temperatures so armed with bird seed to fill up my birdies tummies, my gloves, my hand cultivator, kneeling pad, rose food and eco friendly spray for them plus something to put the weeds in, I went out this morning at just after 0700. 

Let me hasten to say that I appeared out there as no proper Diva would.  I figured that the squirrels and birds didn’t care much what I looked like, nor did the weeds I was going after when I finished feeding the roses, birds and so on. They were all OK with me out there in cut offs, a ratty RATTY black T shirt that never did fit, no make up of course at that hour..my now short hair banded back in a tiny knob of a pony tail..sweat forming  on my brow due to intense humidity and a decently warm morning’s exertion. 

I just really got into the weeding part when here comes a city truck with 4 guys.  Oh man, they stopped just outside of my fence and spent a few minutes digesting how ratty I looked I guess, as no one moved while they contemplated my work and me.  I got tired of that so I stared back..and those who know me know no one can do that better than me especially if I am annoyed.  Finally one got out and came over into the yard to say the water would be off for a bit as they were digging in the street due to problems.  I know that there are plenty who are not in the least concerned..could care less..etc etc etc.  But I have had to have a professional appearance for a long time career-wise and it’s ingrained.  To each his/her own.

Meanwhile, that being done I need to shower and get ready  for the rest of the day as I am going to lunch..I wanna take pictures of the new roof.  I got some as they were stripping off the old shingles and when they were finished, the sun was glaring so badly at mid afternoon they did not come out well.  So, I will try again so I can show the kids the ol’ homestead.  I looked up this morning and man, that roof looks great!!!  One of them will be back Thursday to screen the roof vents so birds can no longer nest in there.  Long time in coming.  I kept saying I would tryto find someone to do that and just never could till I asked the roofer contracter if he knew anyone..he said he would and worked me up an estimate.

I hope it’s a pretty day for you or at least a good one regardless of the weather.