Okay!  I have the picture.  There is a growing band of squirrel thugs and they are spreading over the South East.  Jo Ann..look out. 

The little rodents!  My son in North Carolina said that they are decimating his bird feeder piece by piece.  He, like me, has the type of feeder that will only tolerate the weight of a bird.  Heavier weights will close the feeding ports.  That’s all very well but we don’t want the ports closed to the bird traffic.  His resident thugs have done as mine have here and climbed the shepherds hook staff, crawled on top of the feeder, hang from it and work with their teeth to pry up the feeder port covers.  In our case, those copper colored  leaves. 

That was going alright until they called in other ST’s (squirrel thugs) to help.  You get several ST’s on there and their combined weight breaks the springs that operate the leaves covering the ports.  That closes the feeder to anyone, birds included.

ST  🙂

I looked out this morning and knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what.  The feeder looked different.  The birds including woodpeckers were landing on it and trying to get food and I noticed the leaves seemed to be down.  Finally, before I had my coffee that I had only just poured, I got dressed and went out.  The ports were indeed all covered and the springs broken.  No one was getting any food.  I got the spare feeder (now I have to buy another today…there goes some bucks) out, filled it and took it out.  The feeder was literally coated with bird personnel within seconds.  EVERYONE all at once.  Poor guys.  I know the feeder was OK when I went to bed.  The ST’s must have finished it off this morning early and goodness knows I was out there in the fog mighty early.


I kept on going with routine duties and one led to another till the coffee was cold.  Take out recycle things, take out trash, change litterbox out, refill that, open new box of Scoop Away to do it.  Sweep kitchen floor of litter, sweep again after changing it out (didn’t know I was going to change the box out  or I would have waited and killed two sweeping jobs at once).  Get the papers, recycle the ads, change the heat and air filter, empty the shredder… all in all it took 35 minutes before I got to my coffee thanks to the ST’s.  And no, if anyone wants to know my thoughts on it, I won’t feed them separately.  I have a small front yard, the mess would be obvious to not only me but everyone else and I just don’t want to encourage them and it’s expensive enough feeding the birds.  They get premium seed. 

Anyhoo..the morning started off with a little work for me within 5 minutes of crawling out of bed and while I was still in jammies, coffee-less ,and sleep still in my eyes.  Not my favorite way to begin but then again, things could be a whole lot worse so I am reminded to be grateful.

I hope I go get on the treadmill now.  I WILL go get my grouchy self ready for the day in any case.  You guys have a super day.  Me..I am going outside to stick my tongue out at the thugs.