I decided to ask how much a carton of cigarettes of the brand I used to smoke cost now.  The answer was $58.99.  I was bowled over!  Fifty eight dollars!  So then, after mentioning that to one of my sons, he said to calculate how much money I have saved since quitting.  I rounded it up to four years  and the savings to me money-wise is well over $8000.00.  WELL over that.  Never mind that my lungs are recovered.  I gained weight, yes, but I would rather have that than to continue smoking.  I have no desire to buy cigarettes nor do I long for them.  When I quit cold turkey I never looked back, and that was a pack and a half a day habit.  Even when I gained the weight I did, I still didn’t want to turn back to smoking to lose weight.  I already have told you of that public service announcement in Glamour magazine I saw at work one midnight.  For those who did not read that it’s worth mentioning again.  It was a double page spread and showed a beautiful young girl standing outside of a department store’s display windows.  Inside the windows were three mannequins  dressed in bikinis.  They each had cigarettes in their hands.  The caption was " Dying to be thin?"  It took me two years after that to quit smoking but I never forgot it obviously.  One of the better public service announcements to my mind.

I was very interested in the feedback regarding yesterday’s blog.  We all have a story regarding that topic of driving and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the topic. 

Today may be the last of two days where we have sun.  It looks as though the week of rain will tart anew.  We are at quite a surplus right now.  We may need that come August though.  The water table should be decently on its way to being replenished. 

You know the pictures I put in sometimes entitled Marina?  That is a stones throw from me.  Yesterday a new and tragic thing happened there..a private plane crashed into it and the two persons aboard perished.  I  just saw the highlight on Twitter last evening from my local newspaper and the Big City’s TV tweet.

I will be calling for an appointment for Miss Catt Monday and see about getting her in there for a blood test to see if any progress has been made with the medication.

Have a wonderful Sunday, blog family and if there is any BBQ going on in your yard, I will hopefully catch a whiff from here and make my way over. 
Not a good pose but, Oh well.  🙂