P.S.  I had to come back and delete two websites I mentioned in the first run.  They are not good sites.  Glad I found out and could come back and get rid of them.

I just got off the treadmill.  I took care of that before coming in here and whining and stalling. Just do it, as the commercial said.  There are times, and I seem to have had quite a run of those, when I’d rather run nekkid down the street at high noon than get on the treadmill but you do what you have to do or take the consequences.  In my case, my back pain gets worse if I don’t exercise.

Stopped sweating now.  Have to get cleaned up and bootiful for the day.  How else will I win wars and slay dragons if I am not at my best??

I have to call and make an appointment for Miss Catt first however.  I have the pet carrier already out and tomorrow we will have to go thru that trauma again.  I dread it.  SHE dreads it.  But we have to do it.  Had to stop a minute to rub her ears and love on her some as she climbed those little steps that you saw in the picture of the computer room to be by my side..  I will be so glad when the weeks pass that the Vet said had to pass so that she shows signs of her personality again.  Right now, she is hunkered down so to speak, for the duration. But we soldier on with the meds and hope for the best to come.

The boys have completed their preparations for their trip to Auckland.  Nine more days before departure if I recall correctly.

I’ll go make her appointment so we both, she and me, can be stressed out about it all day today.