We are back from the Vet and I want you to know she didn’t make it easy on me.  I’ll just leave it at that.

However, she had a blood test and she is now from off the scale high to almost low.  She just barely made low normal.  SO we are going to throttle back and reduce her to 5 doses a week instead of 7, thereby lowering her average dose for the week from 70 to 50.  That stuff sure works.  She is so lethargic that she hasn’t played at all  but now I see why.  This is why you have to haul them back all the time till they are stabilized. But I am being SO punished.  I doubt she will speak to me for 2 days.  I feel like a heel but it had to be done.

I went to the grocery store after I brought her home as my son in Charlotte will be here this weekend.  So I will get to see him before they head off to New Zealand next weekend.  Had to lay in some food.  I have been wanting a hot dog so badly for a week that I broke down and bought some buns and the hot dogs.  I got the least harmful hot dogs I could fine and the buns are 100c per no matter whose or what, along with plenty of mouth watering mustard, sweet pickle relish and lots (OH my onion BREATH right now is awful!) of finely chopped onions..I had two!!!  Nirvana.  Take me now..I’ve had it all. 

The son who is coming to see me requested smoked pork chops for Friday night.  As Homer Simpson would say, done and done!  He also wanted potatoes au gratin (I call them potatoes all rotten) so got that too.  Green beans and shelly beans as well.  We’ll wing it from there.  I also have a tiny stash for him of two fried apple pies.  I got apple as I am not fond of apple pie particularly and so they will still be here when he is.  I won’t eat them up.  They had cherry and coconut and chocolate.  If I had gotten those, I might as well called an ambulance because my belly woulda busted wide open with me trying to eat them all.  My favorite flavors.  I didn’t, so I am safe. 

I’m fuller’n a tick about to fall off the dog.  I should not have had 2 hot dogs. But they were sure good at the time.  Just too much. 

Hope you all get to enjoy the Hawk.  there is a link you will find under the streaming video, and it will take you to their egg laying, the babies hatching and being fed as well.  They fledged already too.  I assume that’s Mom up there we see when she is in the nest and not out flying and hunting.  I wonder if they will do as so many birds do, have two families.  I hope so.  I just got so excited last night when I came upon it that I tried to alert you guys also.  That’s why the title was as it was. 

Wish me luck on seeing the small love of my life here today or tonight.  You know my name.  Mud. If you see her, tell her I said "hey!"