Oh, I see!  The punishment started at 0515 this very morning.  Unrelenting meows…and after her  breakfast, she retired to under the bed.  She came out when I returned at 1100 only because I said "Milk?  What some milk"? aloud.  (She is allowed about 4 tablespoons of skim milk) so she came out for that..only drank a few sips and with some howls, retired to under the bed.  I thought I was getting off too easily yesterday.  She had come out within half an hour of returning home  from the Vet’s and acted as though all was well the rest of the day and evening.  Faking me out I guess.  She’s turned up the heat on me now.  She’s at wall, the furthermost away from the bed’s edge she can get and not speaking, not doing anything.  Admittedly sometimes I get tired of it all especially when I am so short on sleep due to the meowing.

Other than that, a hot and humid day today with thunderstorms expected.  I was watching the hawk cam again this morning  (saw the make and the female yesterday afternoon at the same time) and stumbled on an eagle cam, a hummingbird cam (no one was drinking at the time) and an Osprey cam.  The eagle cam showed three baby eaglets. The babies were hollerin’.  I saw those mouths open and both parents were gone hunting.

Nothing new to report.  Too busy to take pictures and too hot to toil up and down the hills.  Hope it’s good where you are.  I will start emailing the fried pies to those who requested them in half an hour..check your modems and hard drives.  My choice of flavor.  Glad I have hi speed broadband or I’d never get all those pies out.  Vijay, you’re first.  Get ready.  You get the coconut one.  Michiko..cherry, and Jo Ann…chocolate. Wait…someone said they’d take the apple.  I have to see who it is before I squish up the pie and send it on.

Sleepily yours