Someone had breakfast and retreated to under the bed.  This is four hours.  She’ll be out soon. Not for long but..she’ll be out.   It’s gloomy and horrible outside.  Thunderstorms and so on.  I said before and I stand by it that we have rain 3 out of 4 weeks these past 2 years.  It gets old.

I wore earplugs last night in the hopes of dulling the sounds of her calling.  That and the white sound machine I always have running regardless (addicted to the sound..can’t sleep well without it) helped some.  I heard her louder ones, but not the softer ones that also had wrenched me up out of sleep up till last night with the ear plugs helping some.  Consequently I got to sleep 7 hours.  I noticed I was in the same place as when I fell asleep.  I never moved, no surprise.  I am waiting a bit before I close the hall door on her.  I hate to do that but if this continues too many weeks more, I am afraid I will have to cut off her access to the hallway.  Self preservation.

Got to talk to my brother last night.  Found out my other, oldest brother had been in the hospital..I had no idea..and that he is home and doing better.  Bad case of food poisoning in that case.  While my brother and I were talking we were reminiscing about some of daddy’s recipes.  (Daddy reared us all) and he had one that he, Dad, called "hash" that my brother and his wife can’t seem to duplicate.  Since I made it too while a young teen, I remembered well..and told him how.  No one but us would like it.  It’s so simple and plain or I would say how to make it.  Believe me, you’d not be impressed at all.  Dad was a plain cooking man.  I’m afraid he’s the one I learned from so I too am very plain cooking.  I was laughing with my brother about that, and  I said that dad was the only one I knew who’d throw a pork chop between two pieces of dry bread..salt and pepper it and call that a sandwich.  I reminded my brother of a dish he made once in a while as a teenager, called "Western Casserole".  LOVED that.  He found the recipe on an advertisement.  Our gain.  Yummo. I’ll tell you, that particular brother made a heckuva dish of milk toast too.  I loved it and I was still in the single digits in age!!

OK.  Enough reminiscing.  I have things to get done away from here and Her Majesty.