Well, you know when they take a corner in a car on 2 wheels, it about looked like, and plow straight at you.  I was innocently stopped at a stop sign.  He finally swerved.  Jerk.

 It got even better.  I had been to get a gift card for a birthday and was on my way home.  I decided to stop at Wendy’s to get a small Frosty.  I got behind some person who ordered enough apparently to feed a small town.  Why do I get behind these people when all I want is one small item?  Took his time pulling up the spaces that cleared in front of him as others gave their orders and finally he went to the first window to pay.  He pulled up there in his nasty diesel fuel smelling truck and gave his order.  Took a while to do it.  I couldn’t leave as I was hemmed in.  When he went to the window to pay, the amount of food handed over to him from the window was staggering.  Took long enough that I cut the engine.  Then, he meandered (I think it was on purpose though my face never once betrayed I wanted to get out of my car and beat him to death with my straw) over to the edge of the road and sat.  It an awkward angle I might add.  I drove up over a curb to get around him and started into a private street to leave the area.  Fate wasn’t finished with me yet though.

 Once on that street, and having re-entered the main road I got every red light we have..Frosty slowly getting warmer by the second.  Making my way painfully down the turnpike stopping for all the red lights, I came upon a green one.  No one moved.  The car in front of me sounded their horn.  Nothing.  Another cycle of red light.  Finally the guy in front went onto the median to get around the hold up.  That was a late model black car with some blonde sitting in it..just sitting.  I had to do the same and got off onto a side street where I got behind folks going even slower than the 25 mph allowed.  Frosty was getting desperate by then.  So was I.

 We finally got home, me and the Frosty and I had to put it in the freezer as it was quite soupy by then.  The good thing was, I missed the horrendous thunderstorm that struck the minute or two after I got inside.  Nickel sized hail, and driving rain with strong  wind. So me and the Frosty chilled out while the cat finally came out from under the bed after logging eight hours..a new record, under the bed for whatever reason she had in her head at 0630 this morning, to seek my comfort from the lightening and thunder.   After the storm she went back under.  I am really being punished.

 Middle son’s school is out ( he is a teacher) so he will be here tomorrow about supper time.  I am looking forward to that.

 Just got a dinner invitation, so headed thataway soon.  Luckily, I am having a super hair day.  WooHoo. 

 I’m back from that..It was great fun.  Steak and a baked potato.  Salad of sorts, and fruit for dessert.   I love spontaneous invitations like that.  There was a woman though at the table directly across and one back from us.  The woman at the table was frankly staring at me.  I caught her at least fifteen times staring right into my eyes when I turned my eyes to her.  She remained staring and finally looked away.  I didn’t even need peripheral vision to see her..she was almost in my direct line of sight.  There were three others at the table.  What on earth was so fascinating about me, I have no idea.  My hair looked great..it was glistening (freshly shampooed and styled) I was dressed nicely but please…another woman staring.  Call me bad mannered but I wanted to get up..grab her by the collar of her shirt and ask her politely what she was staring at.  Out of consideration for my dining partner, I did not address the rude person staring.  (But I wanted to and if I had been alone, I  probably would have).

 So..on that truculent note..I will go beg Miss Catt’s pardon again for my transgressions and hope for a peaceful night.  I must be grouchy from a lack of sleep.