I will haul my sorry butt into the store from now on. There is one downside to that however which makes me take a chance in  the drive thru line.  That is, have you ever noticed how difficult it is to get out of the parking space with a snake line of cars behind you?  Someone has to stop their progression and allow you out.  Most people aren’t kind about that.  This happens at the busier times, yes..lunch etc.  However I am hungry or thirsty too at traditional meal times so it puts a person on the horns of a dilemma.  Thankfully I rarely eat fast food.  I will however, succumb to the lure of a Frosty. 
I have been out and now back awaiting my son’s arrival later.  I bought some ice cream for tonight’s dessert.  We are awful ice cream hogs and the so called half gallon which is in reality one and a half quarts, is good for one setting.  We heap up the bowls with ice cream.  Now I don’t mean just two of us..I mean all of us.  But the carton is gutted and thrown away as soon as all the bowls/cups are filled. Nummy in the tummy.
Miss Catt must have read the comment that Terry left her yesterday and decided to cut me a break  I went to bed armed with ear plugs and the noise machine on..door partially closed.  Never heard a sound all night even though the left ear plug fell out sometime in the night.  I slept 8 hrs.  There will be others in the house tonight so it’s a toss up how she reacts to that. 
As for the incredibly rude woman staring and staring..I promise you..and those of whoever is reading this that truly know me in person know that I am aggressive enough to have confronted the person except I was practicing politeness (where she wasn’t) and trying not to make my dining companion embarrassed.  That same person said, on the way home that I should have made a comment..if only " Yessss?" I said if I’d know that no one would have minded, I would have given the rude one the dickens. 
 P.S.  he hasn’t left Charlotte yet.  He is waiting on an electrician who is late.  But across the street  from his home, a Copperhead was just killed and he had just struck and bitten the family dog of the neighbor.  You never know where they are..and here I have been out in his grass barefooted like all was well with the world.  And usually it is until you get a reality check like this.