In the movie Field of Dreams, ghosts of baseball players from long ago tell the man to build a baseball field, saying "If you build it, they will come." Now that the balance of the family has come over the mountains, we have had our own suh experience. But, ’tis a Tower of Dreams, not a field.
[Channelling the spirit of Sophia Petrillo…]
Picture it: the hometown, 2009. The family gathered in a Krystal restaurant to demolish a sackful of small, square, steamed (and alliterative) burgers. Nearly everyone was behaving, but, the middle son was suddenly possessed with the need to build. What did he build? The Tower of Krystals.  He started by building a 4 high single tower with a crown of folded boxes. But, with the addition of everyone’s boxes he was able to build a stronger and higher tower with a double base, cross members and windows in every floor. He built a tower using all 20 boxes the family used. It was truly the grandest structure in the whole restaurant. It attracted some attention from the patrons… most likely jealousy. So, move over, Frank Lloyd Wright. Here’s the new standard in modern architecture… and it’s environmentally friendly as well as quite tasty!