I haven’t been around to see anyone really and I apologize for that.  Thank you for hanging with me.  I have been occupied since early Friday as you likely know and scarcely looked in on this at all.
They are all of them gone.  Day after tomorrow two of them will be headed across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.  I will miss them being so out of contact to what I am used to.  But they are going to have a fabulous trip of a lifetime so it’s all good.  Plus, it isn’t about me.  It’s about them.
I kept my doctor’s appointment this morning to find out what might be the matter with my back.  I thought sciatica.  However he feels it is my sacroiliac.  What ever it is, it hurts these past 8 weeks so I will be headed to get an x-ray. We will go from there. 
I have Skype now but no headphone.  I need to head out tomorrow (I am dead tired and terribly sleepy right now) and get one.  Then, I can speak to them Skype to Skype while they are gone occasionally as the friend they are visiting has Skype too.
I do need to fold some clothes.  I fell asleep in the chair while waiting for them to dry.  That power nap lasted about 7 minutes but it’s time to get that stuff out of the dryer. 
Glad to have found some Krystal lovers out there.  They are so tiny and so exquisitely good.  YUM!  Sometimes nothing else will do. They are so mouth watering good! Steamed bun, tiny onion pieces, just the right mount of mustard and a dill pickle slice.  My mouth is watering already! 
Here’s one more.