I got to sleep till 7, and that gave me 8 hours of sleep.  I never once moved and have the hurting knee (slept weird) and shoulder to prove it.  I’ll take it though.

They are leaving tomorrow. I guess any more Krystal tower building will wait a few weeks.  That was fun  with all of us in the restaurant but the server was not amused although we certainly cleaned up after ourselves.  Those little steamed burgers are about 250 calories each,.  Thanks for the comments and not minding all my photos of the engineering feat.

I am hoping for the oldest to be here this weekend.  I need to be looking through the recipes.  Oh, that reminds me.  I was never successful grilling chicken.  My son (whose picture you have seen yesterday) just got a grill like 2 months ago and he is already Chef Extraordinaire!  I want you to know the chicken breasts he grilled Saturday night were magnificent.  He flattened them out some which helped tremendously.  My problem was always they were still uncooked, pink rather, on the inside while the outside was searing.  So I quit even trying.  Sometimes you just need a man around.  I’m taking applications.  Whose first? 

I’m still not getting note of updates and I’m still having to travel around seeing who updated.  Some, like me, do it so frequently you are almost certain to find a new blog when you go.  Others..it is hit or miss when you don’t get a notification.  I still like the old way better with the gleam announcing a new blog.

Double Crested Cormorant at the Lake.

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird at my feeder.  (girls don’t have the ruby throat..just the guys).