I dreamed I was standing at the deck door and holding it ajar.  By the time I realized it was more open than I usually do, Miss Catt was already half way out.  Before I could react and close it, she squirted all the way out and onto the deck.  She didn’t hesitate to jump to the deck rail, and down onto the ground.  As she is an indoor cat and has not been out since she was a kitten 11 years ago, it scared me.  She has no idea about traffic or any other danger. She ran over to the nearest giant tree and climbed all the way to the top and out onto a thin swaying branch.  That scared her as it could not support her weight and she scrambled back to a thicker part. 
All the while I was without my glasses which made it near impossible to make her out except a blob.  I couldn’t take even my nearsighted eyes off her to run in the house to get my glasses though or I would really well and truly lose sight of her.  Meanwhile she came back down the tree and ran deep into the woods.  I left the deck and came in here to dress so as to go and call her hoping she would come back.

 Then, I woke up.  It was 0745.  The latest I have been allowed to sleep in months and months.  I feel like a zillion dollars!!!  I called her and she didn’t come in to me until I was up opening the mini blinds.  She ate well and went back to bed.  Me..I was just glad that was an unpleasant dream.  It probably has to do with the boys leaving for New Zealand today. I have three human kids and one fur kid. 

Meanwhile I can hardly believe how good I feel with two…count ’em….two great night’s sleep under my belt.  She didn’t say a word. at her usual before the crack o’ dawn.
I bought a headset for the Skype dealie I mentioned.  I haven’t plugged it in yet.  The Skype thing is mostly for our friend in NZ and now the kids being there. 
If you didn’t see my latest (Saturday) photo safari attempt ,already, here is a photograph for you.  I have it in an album with one other as of yesterday but as with several others..not many have seen my blog or updates for several days so here ’tis.  As always, click on it to see it more clearly with its true coloration.  Have a super day..do as my bee is doing and visit as many beautiful things as you can..people are flowers too.  I think so anyway. 
A friend of mine.