My sons arrived safely in Auckland, New Zealand I am delighted to say.  I got a telephone call from their host at their home and I got to speak to the middle boy for a moment.  Then, when I opened my email, I saw a picture had been emailed to me of my boys in their host’s home, kneeling next to the family pet, a German Shepherd.  The dog was looking back towards the boys like "Who ARE you reeking of cats people and total strangers to me?" I loved hearing from them and seeing the two extraordinarily tired young men.  The family are exceptional Kiwi’s but then, all Kiwis are exceptional. The family consists of the host and his wife and two  extraordinarily handsome sons and of course family pet.  The boys gave their room up for my two.  My middle son is going to call the room The Snore-a-torium.  Just say that out loud and you’ll get it. ZZzzzzzzz is your next hint.

We have had exceptionally bad thunderstorms with deadly lightening, high winds and torrential rain every danged day!  Tornado warnings..not watches. Enough already!! Lot of flooding but not where I am as I am at the highest point in the town.

The boys departed Charlotte for Los Angeles at 1640 EST yesterday.  They got to LAX at 2148 hrs.  They arrived in Auckland 0530 in what would be tomorrow morning as it is already the 19th of June to them. One heck of a trip. Yet when I got the phone call a bit ago, it was 1330 here and the 18th of June.  International Dateline,and the fact that New Zealand is at the ends of the earth, waaaaay on down there. They will have one beast of a jet lag for certain.

 I am waiting on Miss Catt’s meds to arrive via overnight express as they were not at the Vet’s this morning after waiting a week.  I am supposed to call noonish tomorrow.

The oldest said he will be here this weekend.  YEA!  Now, food has to be chosen and made.  I like that part. 🙂

I hope you would like to see another bee.  I had to take about 45-50 to get a few.  Those suckers move constantly. 


I have taken better pictures but I kept this despite the fact that the camera wound up focusing on the flower in the forefront.  I enjoyed his round little body and antenna too much to delete it.  Hoped you would too so here it is.  Just for fun.  🙂