96 degrees today with high humidity.  Ugh.  But still,  little sun.  At least we may actually get a one day break from the incessant heavy thunderstorms, lightening and flooding rain with tornadoes. We have had the aforementioned weather every day for two months.  I bet we have had 7 maybe clear days in three months..no joke.  It will be beastly in the car in a while when I have to leave.

The boy’s hosts sent me two pictures of the boys at breakfast yesterday more or less just off the jet, and later at a place you could see all the high rises of Auckland behind them.  They are wearing jackets as it is in the 30’s there in the day time..it’s their Winter in New Zealand as it is in Australia where Michiko lives.  They look dead tired.  I hope they slept like logs.

Just checking in.  I am tired and not a lot to say right now.  This weather is enervating plus the little Mrs, who lives here, while not as awful as before, has made sure I am up at the crack of dawn.  But, she is letting me sleep till then, so that’s better than I had it last week.  Those 2 nights of great sleep were worth a million dollars.  I feel as though I have a baby in the house again for pity sakes.  By the way, this might be interesting.  She likes classical music.  When she heads under the bed to sleep..I start a CD or DVD with Classical and within 15 minutes she is out again.  Never fails.  It’s good she likes music but it also gets her out here where I can sneak up and medicate her. 

Whatever you’re doing I hope it’s fun!  OH..speaking of fun, I was pleased to see Krystal (those of you who have eaten those heavenly little burgers know whereof I speak) on Twitter picked up on my blog with the boys and their tower of Krystal boxes. Here is the mention:

  Check out our feature on one of our followers @rambling1on: "Blog Spotlight: The Tower of Krystals" http://bit.ly/vKLq9     That was just too cool!!! I printed screen when I clicked on the link and sent it to the boys to see since they were in it.  Well, the middle one was in it. 

(((HUGS))) all you blog family!