Oh it’s hot out there.

I started out in the relative cooler late morning conscious of the humidity but my hair remained diva-like as did my make-up.  I had already done my treadmilling and cleaned up after that.  So I thought the building heat would not be noticed.  I was wrong as I am every time I come to that ridiculous conclusion.  By the time I came back from a trip, I was very uncomfortable the moment I stepped out of the car.  I had to go to Kroger for graham crackers and birdseed.  I was swathed in sweat and my hair was wet at the collar line when I got back into the car.  My cat must take after me as I have hair  thick as fur in the back of my head and really,  it’s thick all over.  Just worse at the entire back of the head.  I think I mentioned that many a hairdresser has asked me what I eat as my hair grows very rapidly and it is thick as molasses. 

OK Survey:  Your best guess.  Am I middle of the road, a conservative or a liberal?