It’s storming out there.  Again.  Over and over and over.  Wednesday is supposed to be nice.  That is about the way it seems to be going…almost a week of rain, either all day or off and on with the attendant gloom and darkness, and then a day, maybe two, of sunny and clouds -type weather…then back to the rain and storms.  I have had the lights on in the living room almost constantly for three months.  No exaggeration.


Here’s what not to do..a note to self:  Don’t load up on fruit before bed.  Nope, don’t do that.  0400 will find you sharply regretting doing that action.  When, I ask myself, will you learn?  Do not do that.  What part of do NOT don’t I understand? I went to Kroger and bought $8.88 worth of fruit.  A true fruit binge.  I had eaten 2 pounds of Bing cherries  through the day on Saturday (and little else because they cause me tummy distress) and not to be outdone, I bought more red grapes..2 navel oranges, some cantaloupe, strawberries and a not too terribly expensive already cut up cup of mixed fruit. Yesterday, I ate the cantaloupe and grapes.  Sorrow in the small hours was mine.  Will I learn at last? 

Meanwhile I made a decision to have a sit down breakfast this morning, on a real plate with everything.  A simple egg, just one as always but with the addition of two thin slices of bacon (I never do that) and…two slices of diet bread (70c for the 2) with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter sprayed on it (stuffs not bad at all, really!) and…some of the ubiquitous fruit.  I haven’t sat at the table for my breakfast in so many years I can’t even tell you how long it has been since I last sat to have a leisurely breakfast. (shift workers grab and go while fighting the cat off for the milk in the cereal or bacon off the paper plate.)  I just took a notion to do it "right" and so, I did.  Here is proof. 🙂



I watched the news on TV..another thing I don’t do and took my time. (something else that’s foreign to me.  With my work schedule and little time for myself..we just gulped and went.  It stays a bad habit).

I am dressed for the treadmill.  No question that it will be the treadmill as it is thundering and lightening outside.  I told a dear friend yesterday that I will still whine about it (milling) but..I now look at it as a necessity..even my job to do.  So, I am dressed for work..the treadmill…and after that, it will be a job well done.

I have gotten some pictures of the boys via their host sending them to me.  I don’t think I have seen the middle son looking that serene and relaxed in all of his adult years.  He had an almost sublime smile on one of the pictures.  The youngest..well, all of the pictures of him have the Nikon in his hand.  He won’t miss an opportunity and who can blame him?  Trip of a life time..another hemisphere and the bottom of the earth thereabouts.  He is enchanted by the never seen by him before Southern Cross, and the absolute clarity of the star fields in the dark location—no light pollution…that they have been in the past several days and nights while touring where The Lord of the Rings was filmed. 

Nuff sed.  Have the best of days and I hope you have sun in your day and mind.