It isn’t raining..thank goodness.  It may actually not rain at all today!  I saw the sun when I got’s still there.  I have great hopes.

I assembled myself and headed outside with the little claw-like hand cultivator, kneeling pad, container for weeds, rose food, rose spray and a hope to get the upper bed weeded again as well as the stuff in the lower azaleas bed.  Of course, a baseball cap for my frizzy hair.

I have returned totally drenched in sweat.  It isn’t hot out there this early in the morning by any means but it is 100% humidity and man, exertion will cause rivers of…to form.  I took off all my clothes..have something else on for the moment to hold me until I go take a shower.  I have not been on the treadmill and may take a break from it today.  Maybe.  (Probably not.  It will just be later in the day). I hate weeding but it looks so much better when you do it, it’s worth it of course.

Miss Catt has retired to her under-bed chamber of repose for a long nap after the strain of having a hearty breakfast, so I took advantage of that to go out, close the door and get her medication ready for when I can catch her relaxed and in a good position to apply it to her ear. She freaks if she hears me twisting the tube to get the med to the applicator so I go outside to do it. Then..she forgets and I can apply when she is ready. In about another week, I will haul her back in, to the sound of heart wrenching cries, hers and mine, to get her blood tested  again  to see where we’re at regarding her T4 levels and adjust if necessary.  This med makes her hyper sensitive to touch so we don’t get any grooming done and not a lot of petting.  Somehow someway we will hopefully come to a happy medium.

The boys are back in Auckland again for the day after being in the central north island.  They are headed with host, to Wellington (NZ)  for two days.  Then, back to Auckland and then, home again.  Their host has sent me many pictures of them via Vodafone. Much appreciated. 

I hope it’s a good day for you and if the opportunity happens, do something nice for you and then for someone else.