You ever start off with one little thing you wanted to clean and wind up making an hour or so of it?  I saw dust ***GASP*** on the dresser top so I thought, clean it up.  I was rustling in the cabinet for cloth and Pledge but chose the orange oil Pledge instead.  Got the cloth, took everything off the dresser and bedside table and dusted first and orange oiled.  OUTSTANDING product.  Then, I changed the little embroidered (me) cloth on top, and started thru the house looking for other things to do with the Pledge that were not already gleaming.  Then, I started straightening things..throwing things away, rearranging this and moving that.  I wound up spending a pleasant hour or so cleaning house again.  The little things that you don’t always do on a regular basis.

Went to a going out of business sale just before all that.  It is a very high end so-called antique shop.  Way too high for the likes of me.  But I thought I would stop in and see what they had that I might finally afford.  Indeed there were some textiles.  They were not antique at all..nor did the owner say they were.  they were just textiles that were offered as well as the other things.  I am a linen fanatic so I bought several table top pieces.  I will go back and see if they are marked down some more in a few days.  I also got a Wedgwood piece..a plate, and two china saucer-like dishes from France.  I got something for the middle boy for his new home as well.  Very pleasant morning and putting my things away is what started the chain reaction cleaning binge.

I have something new I am trying.  It is a back "helper" called Back Joy.  You sit in it and it forces you to sit correctly with spine aligned.  You ever try it? I think I like it.

I am here when I need to be…there.  The fan is running and turned in just the right place to blow on me while straining away on the treadmill.  The iPod is fired up..what am I waiting for?


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