I went out to weed a couple mornings ago as I mentioned and what did I see?  My Christmas cactus bloomed one lovely bloom.  In June no less.  All of my succulents go outdoors at the end of April and don’t come back in till early October.  Late September only if it’s cold at night, that is under 50.  That’s when my mother’s cactus blooms all of those horrible smelling (like rotted meat) beautiful  saucer sized star shaped blossoms that attract green flies.  Just when I have to bring it in.  The stench in this room is horrendous till they finish and you can’t cut them off.  I found that out the hard way last year and I almost killed mother’s plant after all of these years.  I never knew that the blooming was not to be interfered with at the peril of the plant.  I had to seek expert advice ..and he was most kind.  A man on-line specializing in cactus/succulents. On his advice I tried to root a bunch of cuttings.  But I still have mother’s original plant..just a lot smaller. I gave the babies to my middle boy.

I went over to the youngest’s house to take his thermostat off vacation mode.  If you ask me, he may have forgotten to put it in vacation mode as it was 78 degrees when I went in there, and 80 when I left after pressing the button to take it out of it’s vacation mode.

I have a lot..trust me..a lot of gold jewelry.  But in the past several years I find I look my most diva-ish when I am wearing a lot of chunky silver. So the gold just sits there. I got dressed (of course, duh!) and left the house to find my returning world traveler 🙂 son a "welcome home" gift of food.  The remarks and approaches I got in the grocery store told me I was lookin’ OK.  I thought of Paul when I passed by the deli counter though.  I was looking for ideas as to what to buy the youngest for his welcome home, when a man came out to the front of the counter.  I was looking at the meats and so on. That was when I thought of Paul and all the mangled mispronunciations he has had to endure.  But whatever he endures, when he tell us it makes me laugh!  Love those blogs he does on the customers.

They will be back from N.Z. Friday, early morning..what will be Saturday in N.Z. time Turned out I got his favorite soft drink and a very good boxed pizza he can fire up and a couple pounds of grapes for his dessert.  I have those in his freezer and fridge to welcome him back.  He will have to drive from Charlotte to Knoxville though on Saturday to get home.  I’ll leave him to his space though as I imagine he is longing to just be alone for the first time in nine days.  I don’t know about others but after even a brief trip I can’t wait for my own bed, my own pillow and snuggles with Miss Catt. 

So, still in my black top and my silver I bid you a goodbye..with a waft of my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle.  Worth every dollar.  Um Um good.  Oh and Steve if you are reading this I managed to hurt MY ankle this morning as well.  So you have a twin. Sorta.  Well, you know what I mean.