Miss Catt allowed me to groom her for the first time in 7 weeks.  Clouds of fur were harvested!  No idea if I will be that lucky again, but many kisses were exchanged (yes, she gives me little kittie kissies too) and she must be a pound lighter from that part of her wardrobe having been reaped! Also for the first time in 7 weeks, she came up onto my lap yesterday to snuggle and snooze.  Not for as long as she did before, but 15 minutes is better than no minutes.  Now, if I just had that pretty face sharing my pillow again..all would be perfect.I’m looking forward to being locked into place, not being able to move for hours again till she moves. AND she showed a faint interest in playing yesterday and today, even swatting at my ankle as I passed.  That also hasn’t happened in weeks.  Things are looking up.

I have had my egg and toast, working on my coffee..waiting on pictures from New Zealand to show those of you who would like to see them, and I am getting ready to head up onto the treadmill.  My ankle is completely better now.  OH!  remember I talked about that product called Backjoy that I bought close to a week ago?  It works, I do believe.  The back pain is not as bad, and when I first sit in the morning, as in the computer room for example, the difference is actually noticeable.  I took it with me into the car  the one time I remembered to, and I can’t say I noticed much at that particular time but in here, or at the dining table, on hard surfaces..there IS a marked difference.  Thought you would like to know about my test drive so far with it.

I told myself if I go on and get dressed and up onto the ‘mill…I can have another cup of coffee.  Before I go, I hope you have a good day, and when you’re out and about, smile at one another.  It’s amazing how many smiles you get back.  Seriously.  Be especially kind to service personnel.  Their days are many times dull and cookie cutter.  Make a difference to them for just that moment you are with them. I do that every time, no exception.  A smile, a gentle joke, just a general comment.  Make someone’s day go better.