For all my friends in Canada, tomorrow, July 1st  is Canada Day and I want to wish you a happy Canada Day. You guys all rock!!! You really do.  I treasure each one of you that I have had the privilege of knowing. 
I’m so glad you liked the special dispatch from Squirrel HQ yesterday…the Acorn Coalition and other interested and victimized parties. I rolled when reading the comment by Sherry I think it was, something similar to —there’s never a hawk around when you need one.  I loved it. 
The boys had one jolt while in Auckland.  They went to a restaurant with their host and were looking forward to a burger.  When it was was looking delicious on the plate except one strange thing,  There was a deep red pile of something atop the entire hamburger.  He was horrified to learn that it was shredded beets!  BEETS!!!  Shredded beets on the hamburger and lots of ’em!  At the risk of seeming rude, he apologized while removing them to a place safely away from his mouth.  He realized that every Country has its ways and specialties and while he is usually up for trying different things..the experience of to having to try them when he was little, prevented him from allowing another "beet experience." He has a life long hatred of the innocent things.  One thing they got to try that was completely different from what we have found in this Country is….get ready…chicken chips!  Yes, chicken chips.  He said they reminded him of Stove Top stuffing in taste so they don’t sound bad at all.  Just different.  I would like to try them.  Of course if I liked them, I could never experience them again as no one I know is headed to new Zealand any time soon.  That picture of him sitting at the restaurant table staring at the beet topped burger is priceless. 
There are sorrows and problems in the blog family these past few days.  I am remembering all of you every day, I promise.