Had lunch out again today, though I was gone early from 1100 onward..I blink twice, and the whole day is passed almost.  Soon it will be time for the 4PM news.

Miss Catt is grouch today.  I asked her (she does know the words and what they mean) if she wanted to be brushed and she thundered off down the hallway at top speed..skidded to a halt under the rocking chair in the spare room..threw "the" look at me over her shoulder and got under the bed.  I didn’t see her again till I came back –of course hours later– but man, no need to be ugly about it.  I won’t ask next time, I’ll just do  it.  I have been scraping out mats and knots from her belly and "underarms" but not hurting her,  She’d let me know if I had done more than make her uncomfortable, believe me.  I get warned after a few minutes.  These tangles and mats are because she is long haired and refused my grooming her for going on 8 weeks.  Her fault.

My middle boy is posting his picture gallery on his fantasy "blog".  I will ask his permission to post the address here and then, you can go see about 10 little galleries of about 10 pictures each, so far.  I am referring to New Zealand pictures.

The youngest, the one I usually spoke of has been too busy via his work to process any other  pictures than the Southern Cross with the Milky Way one he sent me.  When I saw that..the brilliant Southern Cross and the magnificent swath of the Milky Way, I thought " stick me with a fork, I’m done."  That was just majorly magnificent.

I have been quite the social butterfly this week and have another lunch tomorrow but in this case, it’s my youngest come to call. He’s off so he said he’d be free to have lunch.  No idea if the oldest is coming over or not tomorrow.  He hasn’t made up his mind, he said.

I want a big bowl of premium ice cream..The kind just swarming with butterfat and pieces of good stuff all in it.  If you have any, you’d better not tell me.  There will be a B&E.  (breaking and entering).

I was at a more exclusive place for lunch today than yesterday, and at the end, the wait person came with a tiny pyramid shaped "tray" with wee little ice cream sundaes placed on them in, no surprise, a pyramid shape.  You got to choose which you wanted of 6 flavors.  Wee tiny things.  Yummy.

My hair was ooo la laaa today.  Then I got hit by the wind on the way in and on the way back out.  Grrrr. 

Bye.  I should have been by to see you within these 24 hours.