Well, a great good afternoon to you in the blog family.  I’ve been to the hairdresser this morning, spent some two hours there what with the hair cut and extras and much as I raved the first time I was there, when the styling was something that apparently won’t happen again,  I am not that thrilled the other two times I have been there including today.  I have no idea what she did that first time to make it so rave worthy..and it was… but it has not been repeated.  Got a trim with layering again and low lights as I was getting too blonde.  The low lights are very unsatisfactory.  She said she didn’t expect that that the preparation would "grab" as much as it did.  Just call me not too happy but… it’s not a tragedy either.  I was just lucky that first time I guess.  But most of all I don’t like the styling.  I didn’t last time either.  Just the first.  I may as well be speaking Latin it would seem when I ask for something different than what I get.   Oh well, if I continue to be unhappy then I can go tot he Big City.  That  picture is not showing it as dark as it really is.

Absolutely nothing to say except thank you for looking at the New Zealand pictures.  I am glad those of you who saw them are enjoying them and the video as well.  I know it’s not something I am likely to see in my lifetime as I am not up for a 26 hr. trip anytime soon.  They are all new to me as well and I have enjoyed them no end.  These are the middle boys pictures we have been seeing,  The youngest has not had much time to process his. 

I hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful week.   I’ve been around to most of you I do believe.