Well, me and her got a little done today.  We went grocery shopping at Wally’s where we discovered that they raised the price of the GV brand (theirs) graham crackers from $1.39 a box to $2.59.  Um…no.  The package is turned to the plain white ugly boxes that  remind you of the generic brand stuff  when it first came out back when.  And they raised the price.  Ugly, and too high.


They also did that sorry thing the regular grocery stores do every year or so and completely turned the store around..now you can’t find the stuff you need.  You have to keep walking.  That’s the idea of course as it adds to impulse buying if you’re into that.  By the way, until yesterday I did not know that the individual store had no say in what they got in to sell.  I complained again about what I consider to be very plain "prison ware" clothes both misses and junior sizes.  They said they have no control over it.  Considering that they can’t even control their own heating and cooling..I believe it. AR HQ decides what they all of them (stores) get and when.  No questions asked or encouraged I gather.


When I got home, I washed a few windows and then the bathroom.   She who must be obeyed or she’ll meow splashes water all OVER the bathroom floor where she has an additional bowl of water, with sweeps of those mighty front legs.  I call ’em arms. She has to stand in the water and swoosh it out before she drinks.  Go figure.


She got into the bed to get me up yesterday morning and I pretended I was asleep.  This time, just like old times  the likes of which  I haven’t seen in months, she came up to my face..sniffed my ears and sniffed at my eyes to see if I was in there, and settled  herself down on the pillow that was sticking out just enough for her front end, just the way she used to do.  She put her paw out and grasped my finger and held it.  I opened my eyes and got some smooches in plus a paw on my face once more and then, she said she was tired of it and left.  BUT that was a real change for the better.


She is still upset at the pet carrier upended in the hallway.  I have it out for the upcoming visit she has to have so that her levels can be checked to see if we are on course with her medicines.  Not unnaturally, she is still trying to avoid going to the Vet (I don’t have an appt. yet) by not coming out into the living room unless she needs to.  She is truly afraid now, and I don’t blame her..she goes through a lot when she’s there. 


That’s all of our news except the much talked about and lamented (by me) Russian cherry tea has been obtained again!  The first maker discontinued it, but there is a new one now and my son found some in the Russian store when he dropped by last weekend.  I have 2 boxes to start.  He mailed me a small sample and it was delicious.  I will keep stocked up best I can until that too goes away.   


Her and me have been around to see you all yesterday and today and we left our calling card on the door when you weren’t home