I wish all squirrels would spontaneously combust.


They ruined another feeder for me  after one month with their weight and their bouncing which consequently broke down the springs.  The poor birds were trying to get food out of mostly closed doors. I just happened to see that yesterday afternoon while looking at the new plants and how they were doing after being planted a few weeks ago.  The birds were desperate trying to get food. They had no idea why their feeding ports were closed.


I can keep spending 22 bucks each time and get the same one I have gotten and I can continue to do that  over and over. Or,I can  just throw caution to the winds and buy the Droll Yankee brand Squirrel Spinner with a guarantee, and get it over with.  I am including the site here and when you go to it..go to see the video they have of the feeder in action.  It is funny!  And it certainly works.  My youngest has one and so far…excellent results. 


By the way,  when I went out there with yet another feeder that I had as an emergency spare, there were male and female House Finches that were out there on the feeder perches waiting…and they let me stand within 18 inches of them.  I stood there enjoying being so close to the fearless bits of feathers for a long time..no camera of course because who knew!  If I hadn’t had to deliberately move to make them fly away, I would still be there.  I wanted to assist them at their feeder…and they were still getting a little food from the 2/3’s closed ports. 


I had gone out, as I said, with the last of the new squirrel proof feeders.  And it was defective.  Brand new..and broken.  That was not the squirrel thugs. That was a defective feeder.  I am going to a retailer here in town and spending the major bucks for a Droll Yankee feeder.  The entertainment value alone will make it worth it.  Go look at that video in the link up there. I am going to send out a runner, a svelte black cat called BlackJack, to HRH Treasure’s Realm to ask for assistance.  This coalition of the thuggish empire Acorn Union can’t go on.


Oh, lastly, Miss Catt is mad at me for allowing that picture of her to be in yesterday’s blog.  She said she weighs 10 pounds and is not fat.  She had her beautiful fur expanded out in a puff ball so as to allow the sun’s light and heat onto her diva skin.  She read those comments!!!!  Now go see what you did!!!!  She’s embarrassed!!!