Well, good thing I went to bed extra early last evening is all I can say.  I did so because I was walking around half asleep all day Saturday due to going to bed late Friday night.  (oldest was here) and getting up early Saturday..crack o’ dawn…(cat was here) because said cat was asking me to get up at 0630.  That’s better than Saturday morning when the chorus started earlier than that!  She said she was hungry..that she wanted some company and let’s get the day started.  She was not in misery the way she was a month ago before the medicine kicked in.  Just wanted my company.  I wish she would just crawl in bed and snuggle for company..not stand there meowing. 
However, she is taking her morning nap after the exhausting duty of having her breakfast and supervising mine. So I can get a few things done, such as get her medicine ready and do a little household thing or two.
The oldest had baked chicken Friday night for supper.  I used Montreal chicken seasoning on it  this time.  That is good stuff.  I had a southwestern style rice dish to go with..yummy.  (I could eat the entire thing myself), and some peas.  Fruit for dessert.  The middle boy, who has been showing you his photos from New Zealand, will be here from over the mountains this Wednesday coming through Monday so we’ll git us some eatin’ done while he’s here.  One thing for sure will be chicken on the barby..right here at home.
I took the ARRL practice test that told me how well I would do if I go take the real thing so as to become a HAM.   See the link for why they are called HAMS. ARRL means Amateur Radio Relay League.  I haven’t messed with any of that since I was a girl and I was pleasantly surprised that I got about 70%.  I just  barely failed.  That’s great.  I can take a bunch more practice tests and then go for the real thing when my answers become consistently correct.  That won’t take long.  I am interested  in the hobby as my former husband was a HAM, and  Daddy was, plus the oldest son is.  He brings his hand-held radio with him and that has sparked my interest again.  I thought one voice was familiar Friday night while listening..bottom line is, it is my dentist!  Who knew he was a HAM.    See above link I have provided so as to see what the ARRL is and why the radio operators are called HAMS.   
Have to get started on the day..time is flying by as always.  No cherries to eat as I forgot to look for some on sale so I won’t be sitting about spitting pits today, Greg.