While we wait on the new weapon that is to be deployed against that dastardly cursed Acorn group, the ALF…it ought to be ready for use within 36 hours… I will tell you that the middle boy will be here Wednesday and together we will assemble the troops and all of our weapons again these four legged tasty when served up with gravy terrorist thugs I have here in the front yard and he will tell me of his lost battles with the group that has held him in abeyance for months there where he lives.  I have yet to see a picture of the decimated feeder nor have I seen one of the perps out there!!!! 

I oughtta hang a squirrel tail out there suspended from an oak branch as a counter terror tactic!  Maybe a sign also, that is written in the classic Squirrel language, almost lost to time but still retrievable by me!  A sign telling them of all the things they will have to endure if they are caught trespassing on the Bird Kingdom’s domain again.  A tail a day!!  They will look might foolish running about with no tails now won’t they!?

I have  feline and Equine reinforcements on the way as we write here.  HRH Treasure and her Special Forces are enroute.  Safe Passage was granted to her Agent and her Ambassadors as well as her troops as they pass through Realms other than Miss Catt’s or HRH Treasure’s realm on their way here to provide help and relief.  I understand there are Mouse Pops (skinned for easier digestion)  involved as a reward and refreshment for the feline contingency but not sure about the Equine Troops.  I will have much fresh produce and sugar on hand however for the horses delectation. Catnip couches will be provided in the lying down areas for the Feline Corps.

Thanks to a dear Blog family member, you know who you are CindyUpNorth there.   I received a book in the mail this afternoon entitled "Outwitting Squirrels" by Bill Adler Jr.  I have just started it..and the man is not only a genius but funny as well. She and her husband Jim like the little boogers and feed ’em but she had mercy on me and sent me a how-to.  I’m loving it and thank you dear friend.

Meanwhile, I have been preparing too for the humans coming over the mountains day after tomorrow.  Two pounds of bacon..I love Smithfield..and lots of eggs.  Yucky ol’ white bread for the grandson..orange juice for the two of them (I don’t drink it though I like it) some chicken to go with seasoned rice for Wednesday night’s supper.  Man, it’s gonna be smelling mighty fine around here Wednesday as I prepare their meal.

For some inexplicable reason, I woke at 0355 this morning and gave up at 0410 and got Miss Catt up!  She staggered in with a rusty sounding meow (mine were rusty sounding too at that hour) and we greeted one another, whereupon she asked what on earth possessed me to get up before dawn.  I told her I had no idea.  We made the best of it..had coffee (her a sup of skim milk) and at 0600 we dozed for 45 minutes.  I have a whopping 5 hrs total sleep.

A good back rub would have helped. 

So..good night..sleep well…tomorrow stretch and meow and be nice to your housemate whomever they are.

The saga will continue about the ST…Squirrel Thugs soon.