Here’s how you know the thousands of dollars you spent on new windows is worth it.  I gathered trash to take out to the trash can and when I opened the door..the odor of skunque knocked me over.  WHEW!  A skunk met his demise somewhere or at least was scared out of his scent.  But strong as it was outside, not a molecule of smell in here.  Now that is worth noting because all other times if one let loose within a block of here, my windows allowed the smell to settle like a black (and white) pall over the house.  Those were good windows at the time the house was built.1955, but man, the breezes that came through them in the Winter, never mind the sauna they supplied in Summer..well gone!  Worth the money.  Since I got these windows in March, I have not been able to tell how well they will do with full-on Winter. 
I have not been able to access my Hotmail here on Spaces for three days.  I can go to your Profile and send a private message (no actual mail though..just the private message) but I cannot access any replies.  I can’t get into mail..I can’t get into Private messages.  So I’m not ignoring you, it’s just Spaces.  I have a hard time getting into my Space too..but after going through the back way, so to speak, I finally get in. 
The son from over the mountains will be here mid-afternoon.  He said they are leaving  Charlotte about 10ish.  They will be here till Monday possibly.  I have tonight’s supper planned out including dessert (ice cream this time).  I am trying to get the chicken thawed out all the way. 
The cat gets today off as far as her medication is concerned.  She helped me eat a piece of bacon (one of the rare times I fix some for me..and allow her a bite of human food) this morning and so she decided to go sleep it off.  From the accumulated tiny shards and bits, maybe an inch of bacon altogether.  Maybe.
Enjoy the day.  Ain’t it great to be here and having a day?