LAWNVILLE (Associated Bird Press) At 0732 local time today, counter-insurgency forces of the
Seed Defense Force (SDF) initiated “Operation Flipper” in an effort to defeat
the militants of the Acorn Liberation Front and save the bird feeder seeds for
the birds. After Miss Catt found out about the ALF’s use of illegal Hotmail-jamming signals against Maj. Gen. Carole Catservant’s account, the furry gloves came off. Commander in Chief Miss Catt gave the green light for the initial
wave to hit the proverbial beaches just after 0700. By 0732, the new bird
feeder was in place and a defensive perimeter established. Maj. Gen. Carole
Catservant of the SDF reports success in placing the new feeder. Junior
Henchman Grandson was on hand to scare away any retaliatory strikes by the ALF
with incessant chatter. Some collateral damage occurred, scaring away birds
from the feeder for some time until he was diverted inside to play on the computer
and color.


Surveillance photos reveal that there has been limited avian
activity in the area, but it is increasing. As of yet, no squirrel forces from
the ALF have attempted to test the new secret weapon. But, the ALF’s m.o.
indicates that there is probably some sort of low-level reconnaissance underway.
As colleagues of Miss Catt in the confrontation of brushy-tailed scoundrel, you
have been authorized to have access to top secret level intel photos of the new
secret weapon.  View it under development
in the CattLabz ™ here.


And onwards to victory!