FORT BIRDSEED (Associated Feline Press) Gen. Nutsy McAcorn of the ALF (Acorn Liberation Front) has
used reconnaissance teams to assess the vulnerabilities of his target, the
impregnable Fort Birdseed. SDF (Seed Defense Force) teams have had the area
under surveillance since dawn, awaiting guerrilla tactics. A perimeter alarm
was triggered at 1115 hours and responded to by SDF Agent Blackjack, who
reported a confirmed intruder at 1116 hrs. Gen. Boopsie Bear authorized the use
of the full arsenal of Fort Birdseed to protect the seed from the marauding and
piratical rapscallions of the ALF. Commander in Chief Miss Catt was notified of
the situation and approved the use of centrifugal force to neutralize the


Chief Seed Scout Joe Brushytail of the ALF

ALF Gunner Jumpy

ALF Leader Gen. Nutsy McAcorn

Photo credits from the wartime archive of Paul at The Pic Place  

With my deepest gratitude and many smiles.