The Hot Mail is piling up in my inbox…still unread. In no way can I get into HotMail or people in my Profile.  Can’t read answers from them, the MSN Tech folks,  because I can’t get into Hot Mail.  If anyone needs me for something, please do the Private Messages.  I can read those..for now at least. If it gets so I can’t get into other functions..I’ll quit.  Tired of fighting the issues.  Thank goodness my three primary emails are NOT Hotmail or MSN related.

The boys are still here and will be till sometime Monday.  I am happy as can be.  After getting the new bird feeder set up..the Droll Yankee you read the past several days, it is working just the way it’s supposed to.  Seeing the squirrels spinning around and off is hilarious! The birds are taking up a collection for me, they are so pleased to be able to dine in peace!

The oldest boy is going off on a Mission trip right after church tomorrow and will be gone a week.  He’s already loving the experience before he even goes. 

Me and my middle boy and grandson went out again today and found just the right fold up bed for when they visit (son has been using an inflatable that loses air thru the night, grandson gets the actual spare bed) AND there is a dark wood…pseudo cherry wood cabinet with small glass windows up and down it that will be perfect for my memorabilia collected regarding this town I live in.  Waiting till tomorrow gets me 20% off IF both items are still available.  My grandson will put the cabinet together for me assuming I can still get one.  He’s young but he is very adept at it.

Just wanted to say they are still here and I am traveling around to various of you in between "war" posts and doing things with them.    I’m in heaven with all the boys here.

Thank you so much for the comments either about the squirrels or otherwise.  That has been fun and I would say it will conclude after one more.