The one who calls the shots around here has retired to her under the bed chamber for some well earned sleep after having her breakfast. The time of repose varies from day to day but most usually it is counted in hours with an "s", not a mere hour. Her appointment is at 1030 which the clock in the living room just struck that time.  1030.  Her Heineyness is still asleep.  I can’t get her out from under there so I called to cancel and ask if I could bring her later when I get my hands on her.  Of course then, we have to wait while she serenades the waiting room.  The horrible sounds she makes when she is inserted bottom first, into the carrier are heart rending.  These days I don’t blame her as when she goes, it is always unpleasant in that she must have a blood test to see that her levels are still alright. 

My next door neighbor had pity on me and came over with his sledge hammer and hammered the shepherd’s hook bird feeder holder back into the ground.  The centrifugal force of the spinning rodents on the new feeder unseated the pole from its always precarious perch in the ground.  It was only inserted maybe half way as I can’t get it any further down  stepping on it with my weight.  That was fine when I had the lighter weight feeder I had once posted a picture of.  It was relatively light.  This new one however is not light and it is even more heavy what with the abundance of seed it holds.  I bought a new sturdy shepherd’s hook pole but I cannot in any way get it into the ground.  I don’t have the might and strength. What is needed is a post hole digger. Cement would be a plus.

I was very interested in the comments about red light/speed cameras and your reaction or experience with them.  I have just decided it is a fact of life around here and I may as well get with the program and watch it!  I admit that while I rarely run red lights, I do go some 5-10 mph over the limit on the main drag thru here.  Not now.  Re-training myself.

Hoping it’s a good day for you all..her and me. 

Here is the new feeder.The Squirrel spinner!