That aggravating obstinate cat!  She was under the bed all DAY except to eat and slip out to use her litterbox.  She only came out to stay after 1700.  I canceled two appointments.  That is the worst she has ever been.

Today, I had no thought of taking her and so right after she had breakfast, she disappeared again!  Fine.  Turn to dust underthe bed there!  Hope you enjoy the dark.

I have taken the camera, Victoria, with me quite a few times when I leave the house but so far I haven’t seen anything other than the usual to photograph.  Even *I* get tired of flower pictures.  I have already been in all of the parks and so on for landscapes.  Not willing to leave for a day trip at this time so…I don’t have anything.  I’ll take it anyway just in case.

I bought watercolors again and good quality paper and some brushes,  Been a long time but I may do some.  It will be good to get started again.
I saved this blog as I was writing  as the cell phone rang and I had to get up to answer it.   Do you guys who have been with me a long time remember my 87 year old hitch hiker I picked up (lots of times) and do you remember the picture I put in here of him in his handmade vest of the Stars and Stripes?  Well, he called me  to ask if I could take him to the stores today as tomorrow was his anniversary and he needed to buy a card. I went straight to his place to pick him up, as I mentioned,  tomorrow is he and his wife’s 50th anniversary.  (They got married in their 30’s). So we went to the card store first.  Then we went to Staples to get copies made of the newspaper article today about them and their lives and anniversary.  Then we went to get some groceries, and the Dollar Tree, then to CVS for some Metamucil, then to an Office supply store for a hard backed address book. (had to be ordered) and then he wanted a double cheeseburger sans onion and pickle at McDonald’s.  It was every step and inch of the way my pleasure to help and serve. I got him home, put his bags where he wanted them, and he made it into his house. 

He hurt his back a few weeks ago trying to move a limb in his back yard, and now he can barely walk.  We inched along, literally, everywhere we went.  I made myself available with an arm, holding hands or my arm around his waist.  This whole thing made it a day that I feel is successful and it made me happy to be of service.  Made my day, as the saying goes.

I have to go straight back out.  I need to do my grocery shopping.  Mr. C could not make it for my stuff too and it’s way too hot to stay in the car so I don’t mind a bit getting him to his stores and heading on back out. 

Oh.  Who knows if I can get the battery changed in my car’s key fob and not have to go to the dealership?

Out of here.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.