Grrr! After ignoring me all day (that which part of the day I was here) Miss Catt decided to come out and visit.  Here is her time of choice.  I had gone to the table..pulled up the blinds..opened the back door to have plenty of white light coming on on my pad.  I had classical music on,  water cups, paint brushes, water color pencils, a regular soft lead pencil, and a picture propped up in front if me.  Then, at my feet all of a sudden, the little charming meows with her mouth closed for a start.  Then, the silent meows.  Standing on my toes with her toes (kind of sweet actually). Head bumps to my calf, more little tiny meow sounds with her mouth closed (polite entreaties).  Gazing upward at me with crystal green eyes and more closed mouth meows.  I reached to pet her.  More of the above.  I dried my brushes, closed my paint box, pencil box and closed the pad.  I put away the picture and I never even got a start.  I can’t concentrate when she is asking for attention.  I put everything away again, and she walked down the hall and got onto the glass topped filing cabinet to sun.  You have seen her picture there before.  Am I going to get all that out again?  No, the light is rapidly going away from that window and she took away my impetus.  Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for the first time in years I had a small serving of beef.  Yup, beef for breakfast.  I guess I won’t do that again.  It was left over from supper and who only knows why I felt compelled to have it for breakfast.  I suffered for hours. I deserved to suffer. 

Heard from my best friend in the whole world yesterday.  We pick right back up where we left off as though there had been no interruption.  She is like a member of the family.  She IS a member of the family as far as we are concerned.  I’m not old enough to be her mother but she has always called me Mother Dear and I call her Daughter Dear.  That started because of all of my advice when I met her, and trying to make sure she kept straight and narrow as our jobs demanded that of us.  What a challenge. I blogged about her once.  She took a lot of the prim and proper starch type personality out of me. And I put some of that into her behaviors.   We were and are very good for one another.  She knows me and I know her.  She made me a better supervisor by forcing me to get along with all types of people.  Believe me, I was a female "Frasier Crane" when she first met me.  I still am when she’s not around.  We are making verbal plans to descend on middle son in Charlotte maybe September.

I may haul out my decorative sewing that several of you helped me gather flosses for.  I was waiting till it was going to be cooler but if I’m thwarted by the Boss from painting, then, I ought to do something!