Gee.  Last week I had to cancel our going to the mountains (Smoky Mountains) and this time, it just got canceled and it wasn’t me that did it.  Have to admit I am disappointed.  Had Victoria ready, my sunglasses out of the car and in here so I wouldn’t forget them, sunscreen out, pocketbook changed to a little one..and then, the fateful phone call.  The other party has to go to the dentist.  Thursday was suggested but that’s not a good day for me.  Oh well. 

However I got to haul Mr. C around again today.  He called 2-ish and asked to go to the bank to cash a check.  Then, he remembered he had to go to the Office Supply place again, then..a grocery for 3 bananas and orange juice.  Then, the former Mayor’s home across town to deliver a letter he composed (great job too, I saw it)  that she will distribute to political contacts in the hopes of raising money for the Disabled Veterans in their Home a few miles away.  He threw a darned good Christmas party there last year with monies that were contributed.  Even at his advanced age, he is mentally vital and able to get things done.  He is walking faintly better today than he was last week.  That’s a relief.

Today was one of those days that was not particularly hot..high 80’s but the humidity was such that the skin could not cool and I was not a dry happy camper while out and around.  My hair got frizzy too.  That right there is enough to cause me consternation!  You know how I am about my hair!! Being out there in the morning dew using my little cultivator and feeding roses and taking pictures of same is really what frizzed it up.  I should have worn a baseball hat.

I told you about the squirrel who has not yet leaned NOT to step onto the perch ring and he went around and around a good 45 seconds and was dizzy when he released it.  I’d say that taught him.

Guys, nighty night.  My eyes are burning.  Early to rise and late to bed.